Speakers 演讲嘉宾


Mr. Houqing Yin

President, Shanghai Education Association

Professor Chris Rudd OBE

Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of Nottingham; Provost, University of Nottingham Ningbo China

Professor Chris Rudd was appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor University of Nottingham in 2008 and Provost of University of Nottingham, Ningbo China in 2015. His previous UK portfolio of External Engagement included Knowledge Transfer, Business Engagement, Commercialisation, Development and Alumni Relations driving UoN’s £150M fundraising campaign and leading on business engagement and research commercialisation. He established UoN’s Innovation Park and its intellectual property and spinout boards. He was a founding Director of UK’s £40M Manufacturing Technology Centre and won several awards for innovative use of media in public engagement.

Chris has been the driving force behind UoN’s research and KE partnerships in China resulting in new relationships with several elite Chinese Universities and a rapidly growing portfolio of SOEs and private companies. He helped bring Chang’An’s European R&D Centre to Nottingham, and has subsequently initiated major investments from several corporate clients in East Asia.  He was awarded the 48 Group Club Icebreaker Laureate prize for services to Sino-UK relations by HE Liu Xiaoming Chinese Ambassador to UK and won the Model Confucius Institute Award presented by Vice-Premier LIU Yandong in 2015. In September 2017, Chris was awarded the Camelia award by Ningbo Municipal Government in recognition of his contribution to the development of Ningbo. He was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for services to Higher Education and Sino-UK relations in the 2018 New Years’ Honours list.

Katharine Birbalsingh

Founder and Headmistress, Michaela Community School

Katharine Birbalsingh is founder and Headmistress at Michaela Community School in London, UK. Michaela is well known in the UK thanks to its combined eastern and western approach to teaching. Michaela is known for tough-love behaviour systems, knowledge teaching and valuing kindness and gratitude. In 2016, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate graded the school as “Outstanding” in every category, the highest grading possible. Katharine read Philosophy & Modern Languages at The University of Oxford and has always taught in inner London. She has made numerous appearances on television and radio and has written for several UK publications. Katharine has written two books and edited a third which is entitled Battle Hymn of the Tiger Teachers, The Michaela Way.

Dr. Phillip Moulds

Headmaster, The Rockhampton Grammar School

Phillip Moulds has been the Headmaster of The Rockhampton Grammar School for the past nine years. The Rockhampton Grammar School is a non-denominational co-educational boarding school of 1530 students (330 boarders), catering for students from early childhood to Year 12. Phillip is passionate about development of leadership within schools (students, teachers, school leaders), teaching and learning, global education and school based change.

Before joining The Rockhampton Grammar School, Phillip had worked at Brisbane Grammar School for eighteen and a half years, where he held a variety of positions including Deputy Headmaster, Deputy Head of Boarding, Head of Science and Head of Chemistry. Also, for the past eleven years, Phillip has worked as a lecturer for the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University on-line in the areas of educational leadership and using data to inform learning.

Phillip earned his PhD in Education from the University of Queensland, investigating the planning, teaching and assessment of higher order thinking processes and dispositions. Phillip also possesses a Bachelor of Educational Studies with First Class Honours, Postgraduate Diploma of Education, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Music, all from the University of Queensland.

Dr. Levi Gao

Director of Chinese Language and Culture, ISF Academy

Dr. Levi Xiaogang Gao was born in Beijing. He received his PhD degree in Modern Chinese Literature from The Chinese Academy of Social Science in 2004; his MA degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Oregon, USA in1988 and his BA degree in Chinese Language and Literature from Beijing University in 1981. Dr Gao has been living and working in Hong Kong since 1998. He taught IB Chinese and TOK courses in Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong, Chinese International School and the Hong Kong ISF Academy. He has been an examiner and workshop leader with the IBO since 2004. He is now the Principal Examiner of Chinese A: Literature.

Xiaohang Sumner

Founding Executive Director, Overseas Chinese Academy Suzhou

One of the first Chinese students sent to study the IB at the United World College (UWC) in the 1980s, Xiaohang is the Chinese person with arguably the most in-depth and wide-ranging IB experiences in the world. She spent 25 years in N America, Europe and China as an IB student, teacher, examiner, workshop leader and school leader and now as the founding director of new schools. Not only does Xiaohang have in-depth knowledge of education, she is one of the few educational leaders who also have in-depth knowledge of devising business models for founding and running new schools. With dual masters’ degrees in Economics and Business Administration and many years as a Director at the Red Cross Nordic UWC, She returned to China in 2010 and has so far established three innovative schools in seven years, one of them being UWC Changshu China. She is currently the founding Executive Director of Overseas Chinese Academy Suzhou, the first school in the world specifically designed for the children of overseas Chinese who return to China. Xiaohang is a frequent speaker at international educational conferences and her theory of the international education in China v3.0 has influenced many educational leaders in China. In 2016 and 2017, Xiaohang was voted as one of the ten most influential school leaders in international education in China.


Michael Bailey, ICT Teacher, YK Pao Primary School

Arron Cooper, Tech Integrator, YK Pao Middle School

Valery Cooper, Counsellor, YK Pao Middle School

Crick Chen, Acting Executive Principal, YK Pao Primary School

Bryan Dennie, IBDP Mathematics and Chemistry Teacher, Yew Chung International School (YCIS) Pudong

Timothy Gallagher, Head of Student Achievement, YK Pao Primary School

Professor Xuesong (Andy) Gao, Associate  Professor, University of New South Wales Australia, School of Education

Donald Holder, Executive Head of School, The Shenzhen Houde Academy

Daisy Hou, Y3 Cohort Leader and Chinese Teacher, YK Pao Primary School

Dr. Ya-Ning (Amy) Hsu, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Teachers College Columbia University

Professor Xiangyang Huang, Associate Professor, East China Normal University

Michael Iannini, Managing Director, PD Academia

Lily Jin, Head of Chinese as an Additional Language (CAL), YK Pao Primary School

Jonathan Kavanagh, PE Teacher, YK Pao Primary School

Lisa Liang, Y4 Cohort Leader and Chinese Teacher, YK Pao Primary School

Grace Ma, Head Librarian, YK Pao High School

Lori Marek, Deputy Head of Hongqiao Campus, YK Pao Middle School

Mandy Ren, Head of Lower Primary Chinese, YK Pao Primary School

Sara Roesler, Professional Learning Centre Manager and Maths Teacher, YK Pao High School

Lee Sanders, Dean of Academic Affairs, YK Pao High School

Stephen Scott, Creator of The 15 Leadership Disciplines

Chloe Shen, Chinese as an Additional Language (CAL) Teacher, YK Pao Primary School

Karen Skepper, Coordinator of Social-Emotional Counselling, YK Pao High School

Sukie Sun, Head of Upper Primary Chinese, YK Pao Primary School

Earl Tai, Art Teacher, YK Pao Primary School

Laura Wang, Chinese as an Additional Language (CAL) Teacher, YK Pao Primary School

Nectar Wang, Lower Primary Coordinator, YK Pao Primary School

Xiaobing Wang, Chinese Teacher, YK Pao Primary School

David Xiong, Head of Chinese, YK Pao High School

Caroline Xu, Deputy Head (Academic), YK Pao School

Annie Zhu, Head of Proficient Chinese Learner 1 (PCL-1) , YK Pao Primary School

Diana Zuo, Head of Character Education and English Teacher, YK Pao Primary School






陆明彦教授自2008年起担任诺丁汉大学对外交流与联络副校长,负责知识转移,商业合作和校友关系。他管理着英国诺丁汉大学科研成果转化战略,1.5 亿英镑的慈善募捐运动,商业合作与创新服务部门重组。陆教授创办了诺丁汉大学创新园以及知识产权与衍生企业董事会。他也是英国4000 万英镑制造技术中心的创始主任,英中贸易协会董事会成员。2015年8月,陆明彦教授成为宁波诺丁汉大学执行校长,负责中国第一所也是最成功的中外合作大学的管理与发展。

陆明彦教授致力于推动诺丁汉大学在中国的科研和知识交流合作,并与不少中国精英大学,世界知名企业建立起广泛合作关系;同时与很多志在提高国际影响力,提升科技水平的中国大型国企和知名民企的关系也发展迅速,帮助长安汽车,中航工业,华润集团等众多中国企业迈出在欧洲的第一步。 2015年12月刘延东副总理授予陆明彦教授最佳孔子学院模范奖;同月,中国驻英大使刘晓明授予陆明彦教授48集团破冰荣誉奖用以表彰他对中英关系作出的贡献。2017年9月,宁波市政府授予陆明彦教授“茶花奖”,以此表彰他以学校为纽带,搭建众多科技、金融、经贸、合作和文化交流的桥梁,支持宁波的经济发展和友好交流。基于其对高等教育和中英合作作出的杰出贡献,陆明彦教授于2018年被授予大英帝国官佐勋章。

Katharine Birbalsingh


Katharine Birbalsingh是位于英国伦敦的Michaela社区学校的创始人和校长。Michaele社区学校在英国以其东西方结合的教学方式闻名。Michaele同时也因其严厉的行为体系、知识教学及对善良感恩教育的重视而为人所知。于2016年,在英女王的督查评级中该校在每个类别都获得了“杰出”这一评价。Katharine就读于牛津大学时学习的是哲学和现代语言专业,并一直于伦敦任教。她曾多次受邀参加电视、电台节目的录制,并为多本英国出版物撰稿。Katharine曾写过两本书,并编辑了一本名为“虎师战歌——Michaela的方式”的书籍。

Phillip Moulds


Phillip Moulds担任罗克汉普顿文法学校校长一职已有九年时间。罗克汉普顿文法学校是一所拥有从幼儿教育至12年级共1530名学生(其中包括330名寄宿生)的非宗教性质、男女合校的可寄宿学校。Phillip致力于在校内大力发展领导力(学生、教师、校内领导层)、教学、学习,以及全球化教育。





高小刚博士生于北京,1981年毕业于北京大学中文系,后获得美国俄勒冈大学比较文学硕士及中国社会科学院现当代中国文学博士学士。高小刚博士自1998年起在香港生活及工作,先后在李寶椿聯合世界書院、漢基國際學校和弘立書院擔任教学及行政管理工作,教授過IB中文A1、A2、ab initio、中文A:文学、知识论等课程。高博士从2004年起至今一直担任国际文凭大学预科项目中文课程的考官和工作坊主持人,是现在中文A:文学科目的主考官。高博士亦担任香港大学教育学院和香港教育大学的客座讲师。



毕业于北师大实验中学,1986年被教育部选派去UWC世界联合学院学习IB,成为中国最早一批IB学生之一。从那时开始,华晓杭的IB生涯跨越于IB教学、考官、教师培训、校长培训、学校管理、IB学校在中国的创建、以及中西融合课程的开发,可称为当今世界上与IB教育结缘最深广的华人。华晓杭对IB课程的设置、教师及学校高管的培训、全球统一考试的运作、IB学校的创建与运营具有深度理解,是中国极少数具有如此多方面广泛经验的IB教育领军人才。 从2010年开始回国工作,至今七年中连续创建三所具有创新价值的IB学校,其中包括UWC中国常熟分校。在2010-2015期间,华晓杭同时参与创建几个为中国教育国际化做贡献的机构,如IB大中华及蒙古地区学校协会、中国营地教育联盟、UWC中国理事会。华晓杭经常在中外国际教育论坛上演讲,她关于国际教育在中国3.0版的理论在中国影响深远。华晓杭现为苏州工业园区海归人才子女学校总校长,是全球第一所为海归人才、华侨华裔子女而特别打造的学校,其自主研发的双母语中西融合课程为中国化国际教育翻起新的一个篇章。


Michael Bailey, 包玉刚实验学校小学部计算机教师

Arron Cooper, 包玉刚实验学校中学部计算机学科教师

Valery Cooper, 包玉刚实验学校中学部咨询师

Crick Chen, 包玉刚实验学校小学部代理执行校长

Bryan Dennie, IBDP课程数学及化学教师, 上海耀中国际学校(浦东校区)

Timothy Gallagher, 包玉刚实验学校小学部学生进步与成就负责人及探索教师

高雪松, 澳大利亚新南威尔士大学教育学院副教授

何道明, 厚德书院执行校长


许雅宁博士, 美国哥伦比亚大学教育研究所兼任助理教授


Michael Iannini, 总经理, PD Academia

金威, 包玉刚实验学校小学部中文非母语组主管

Jonathan Kavanagh, 包玉刚实验学校小学部体育教师

梁杰闻, 包玉刚实验学校小学部四年级年级组长及语文教师


Lori Marek, 包玉刚实验学校中学部副校长(虹桥)

任光星, 包玉刚实验学校小学部语文学科低年级主管及语文教师

Sara Roesler, 包玉刚实验学校高中部专业学习中心经理及数学教师

Lee Sanders, 包玉刚实验学校高中部教学主任

Stephen Scott, 15项领导学科的创始人

沈毅, 包玉刚实验学校小学部中文非母语组教师

Karen Skepper, 包玉刚实验学校高中部社会/情感咨询协调员

孙懿凡, 包玉刚实验学校小学部语文学科中高年级主管

Earl Tai, 包玉刚实验学校小学部艺术教师

汪涛, 包玉刚实验学校小学部中文非母语组教师

王戈, 包玉刚实验学校小学部低年级组协调员及数学教师

王笑冰, 包玉刚实验学校小学部语文教师


许敏, 包玉刚实验学校副校长(学术)

朱丹仪, 包玉刚实验学校小学部中文作为第二语言组主管

Diana Zuo, 包玉刚实验学校小学部品格教育主管及英语教师